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Every time April thinks she knows what is going on and gets a hang of things, another twist is thrown at her. She realizes that not all the hybrids are bad — some are even willing to help her, like Miranda and Rye; others not so much. After not having any social contact with anyone for so long, conversation with anyone can be tempting — especially when said company has information about April and her family.

But can April trust the hybrids? Can she so much as become friends with some of them? Or are they just as bad as the ferals, if not worse? This was an exciting read. I liked the supporting cast as well; Rye was a favorite of mine. I hope there is a sequel to this book so that I could read more about him. I was expecting a little more about her family at the end of the book, but if there is a sequel I am sure I will read more about them there!

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I loved the ending though because it left me satisfied but also aching for more, which is my favorite type of ending to a book. Hi y'all Anne here to give my review for Reign Of Blood by Alexia Purdy and I only hope that my review is thrill inducing and shocking as this book was for me. Push back Resident Evil and I Am Legend because Alexia is bringing her Wildlings and Hybrids to the party and you might wanna stay in the sun for this show. April Tate, her mother and 6 year old brother are the only humans left in what is now the desolate city of Las Vegas. Traveling fro their mountain hide out is becoming more and more d Hi y'all Anne here to give my review for Reign Of Blood by Alexia Purdy and I only hope that my review is thrill inducing and shocking as this book was for me.

Traveling fro their mountain hide out is becoming more and more dangerous as the Wildlings that inhabit the shadows are going mad with hunger.

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Trying to gather supplies and keep her eye on the shadows is becoming natural for April, she chooses to forage the most dangerous places to keep her family out of harms way. Sometimes it's not the things you can see that are dangerous and deadly but the things you don't see. April is a self created warrior, strong and deadly her vengeance is strong and desperate. She will go to any lengths to get back what was taken from her.

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Hybrids are watching and waiting for the perfect time to show April that there is more to the epidemic that blood crazy beasts she is hunting down. But how can you trust what has destroyed your life and home? April must learn and accept what is to come or suffer the loss. This book was amazing, I was sneaking a peak at the first few pages and ended up not stopping until I had read it all.

I was sucked into a world where shadows have eyes and watch you waiting for the chance to snatch you in and rip your throat out. Alexia has done brilliantly with they character builds.. Even down to the Wildlings, I could see their gaunt faces, eyes hungry for one wrong move and their teeth gnashing as April walks along in the sun light just beyond their reach. Hybrids come next given they play a huge role in this book and they aid April in her search and her choices she must make. They're beautiful, strong, fast and deadly but April won't be taken lightly she will earn her place and do what she must, even if it means trusting the very things that have up turned her entire life.

I love this book. The plot was brilliant, characters were brilliant, back drop is brilliant, and last but not least the author is brilliant with so many zombie apocalypses going around I am thrilled to have a Vampire apocalypse that trumps the zombies. I got chills reading the scene descriptions, gasped in the plot twists, wanted to throw things when it was suspenseful and loved every freaking minute.!!!!!!

A virus has taken hold of the population, turning them into vampires. These aren't the glamorized kind of vampires, they are mindless blood-sucking fiends. They almost remind me of zombies except they need blood to survive, and they have a kind of hypnotic trance that can trick most humans.

Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma Episode 2

April is somehow immune to their tricks and is trying to survive with her mother and brother. The first few chapters follow their journey. They live in a bunker in the mountains but venture towards the city for food and weapons. On one of their outings, April's family disappears with only one clue: tire treads.

April searches Las Vegas for days with no trace of her family. On her journey, she attacks hives of the feral vampires in hopes of finding them. What she doesn't expect is to come across a hybrid vampire who is able to speak and walk in the sun. April is introduced to the hive of hybrid vampires. She believes that they may be able to help her find her family, but not without a cost. Then there is Rye, one of the hybrid leaders, that is fascinated with April.

I won't go into details on that one :- you have to experience that for yourself. Will April get the help she needs from the hybrids to find her family?

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Or will she die trying My thoughts This book rocked my world! I have just recently started reading post-apocalyptic novels and this one tops the cake. The imagery is excellent and it felt like I was really there. I have never been to Las Vegas, but I feel like I know the places pretty well from Alexia's description.

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This was not the case with this book. She is a kick-butt, self taught warrior and I enjoyed reading about her journey. The story has a touch of romance and it's perfect given the circumstances. April was hesitant about her feelings for Rye, rightfully so, considering he's a hybrid. I'm kind of glad that this story didn't end with a huge cliff hanger because I probably would have cussed Alexia out LOL. I cannot wait for the next book in the installment.

I hope it will be just as action packed as the first. Of course, I would like to have more April and Rye time Wow what a ride. In a genre filled with zombie apocalypse having a book about a vampire apocalypse is so refreshing. I got sucked in from the first line. While out one day to get more supplies her mom and brother go missing. April goes cr Wow what a ride. April goes crazy trying to find them and in her quest to take out as many wildling vampires she meets a new breed of vampire In doing so she learns so much more about wildlings, hybrids, and herself.

For April and her family are not entirely human themselves. I loved every second of this action packed ride Alexia took me on. I found myself admiring April for all her strengths and even her faults. I found myself forgetting at times that she is only seventeen and has seen more death and destruction than most people will ever see. April is so well written that I could feel all her pain and confusion through out the whole book.

The side characters are written just as well. We get to know them just as well. One in particular named Rye. He is so strong and wants nothing more than to protect April and be by her side forever. I found myself falling for him right along with April. I am hoping there will be another book. I want more April and Rye. If you are looking for a new apocalyptic book then this book is for you. Alexia is defiantly an author to watch out for. She is on my must buy list and she should be on yours.

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Awesome new take on vampires Alexia Purdy just joined my list of favorite authors! The descriptions in this book are so well written that Alexia sucked pun intended me in immediately and I fell in love with her characters and her writing. This is a story about April, a seventeen-year-old girl and her quest to find her family. Hmmm … something familiar about that.

LOL If you know me, then you know why I say that. This edge of your seat story had my attention from the very first chapter. Though in the beginning, I must admit, when I first started reading this, I was worried how the story would progress, because the first part spends a lot of time with April being by herself and narrated by her without much dialogue. Most books like that would be boring, but Alexia Purdy has managed to pull it off without much of a problem and made it very interesting. I was a littel concerned to sit down and write a review for this book.