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William Shakespeare: poet, actor, playwright, icon. More than four hundred years after his death, he remains a central figure in English literature and a cultural phenomenon on a global scale. Yet the inner workings of his life and the details of his creative process remain largely unknown. In many cases, there is still fierce debate over what Shakespeare actually wrote. Leventhal Map Center September 3, through February 26, Tying her duty, beauty, wit and fortunes in an extravagant and wheeling stranger of here and everywhere.

What roles do place, identity, and travel play in his comedies, tragedies, and histories? Leventhal Map Center June 29 through October 23, In , an island appeared on a nautical chart, just off the southwest coast of Ireland. This island, shrouded in mist, was said to appear once every seven years and was home to an advanced race that was immune to sickness and the passing of time.

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Its exact location on maps would change over the years, and numerous expeditions would venture into the North Atlantic Ocean to find the island. Some mariners claimed to have discovered the legendary island; however, these reports teemed with fantastic accounts of alien beings, and eventually fell into legend.


In this online exhibition of forty maps from the collection at the Norman B. A variety of map formats are included in the online exhibition, such as portolan charts, woodcut engravings, copperplate engravings and lithographic prints. Hy-Brasil even makes an appearance on a globe. Leventhal Map Center April 2 through August 28, In landscape architect Charles Eliot asserted the bold idea to form an organization that would preserve, for public use and enjoyment, properties of exceptional scenic, historic, and ecological value in Massachusetts.

Today, the organization he founded, The Trustees, oversees more than 26, acres of preserved places from the Atlantic Coast to the Berkshire Mountains. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library is partnering with The Trustees in celebration of their th anniversary on a item exhibition, featuring maps, photographs, and historical items from both collections. Visitors will be introduced to Trustees properties, become familiar with a number of distinctive map formats, learn about natural landforms and geologic terms, and cultivate an appreciation for the natural, historical, and cultural treasures of Massachusetts.

Leventhal Map Center October 31, to March 26, Histories of map-making generally emphasize the role of men; however, since the advent of the printed map, women have worked as colorists, engravers, shop owners and publishers, and most importantly as map-makers themselves. Women are active in all aspects of cartography today, and are leaders in the world of Geographic Information Systems GIS and digital mapping.

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Featuring 60 maps and 40 prints, paintings and objects, this major gallery exhibition traced the American story from the French and Indian War to the creation of a new national government and the founding of Washington, D. Organized by the Norman B. Highlights included rare and historically significant items that had not been exhibited previously. Leventhal Map Center February 2 to October 25, Maps of imaginary places have accompanied literature for centuries.

Visualizing the fanciful worlds described in works of fiction sets the stage for events taking place in a story and often provides insight into the characters themselves. In this exhibition of forty items, visitors discovered maps from a variety of fictional genres, learned how authors create imaginary worlds, and appreciated why descriptive geography is essential to the story. People and creatures—even those who exist only in tales—are related to place, and maps of their imaginary worlds allow readers to be transported into the geography of fantasy.

Its musical legacy embodies the cultural heritage and development of the city and the nation. What happens when a letter reaches an unintended recipient? This exhibition was presented in collaboration with the Department of English, University of Massachusetts, Boston. Leventhal Map Center September 2, to January 25, Wales Online.

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