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The first item you will require is 1 of the jars, 1 wick, 1 Aussie Stickum and 1 of the wick holders. Peel one Aussie Stickum from the sheet and attach it to the wick tab on the bottom of the wick, peel the piece of paper off the other side of the stickum. Carefully place the tabbed end of the wick with the stickum attached into the jar, making sure it is in the centre of the jar.

Press down firmly. Now take the wick holder and poke the secured wick up through centre hole of the wick holder and slide it into the small end groove of the centre hole so that it forms a tight fit. This will stop the wick moving around when you pour the candle.

Try to secure the wick as near to the middle of the jar as possible, it might take a few goes but you will be an expert in no time. Now take 55grams of the soy wax the amount we suggest your size glassware holds on the website and place it into a suitable pot for melting. This will make 1 candle. Ideally you need a small pot that will sit in a larger pot of water to melt like a double boiler. Our aluminium pouring pots are perfect for this. Once the wax has started to melt, add some shavings of your chosen dye block colour.

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Then get one of your wicks, and place it with the small metal plate at the bottom in the centre of the container. Making sure that the wick hangs down straight and sits in the center of your container. The next step is to fill your large pot with boiling water, ready for your smaller container containing your wax to be placed. The reason we cannot heat wax directly on heat is that it can catch fire or evaporate.

This next step will involve placing your wax in your smaller heat resistant container e. Make sure you include plenty of wax in the smaller container for the size candle you want to make.

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If you want to add color to your candle, you should add this once your scent has been added, and the wax has reached the optimum temperature. In regards to how long you should let your candles cool, often it is recommended to leave them for a full 24 hours if at all possible. Paraffin candles will generally take the full 24 hours, whilst soy candles and beeswax candles will take hours. Old candles will be even shorter, often only requiring a couple of hours to cool. If you follow all the steps above and realise that you love candle making, and want to expand upon your newly learned skills, then the good news is, there is even more candle making that you can try.

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Firstly, why not try and experiment with colors and scents and get that perfect blend of just the right color candle and the perfect amount of scent. The common beginner candle will be using an old jam jar, but why not see which other containers you might be able to use that will be suitable for making candles.

You could experiment with different wax, or try making different styles of candle all together such as votive candles, pillar candles, dipped candles or rolled candles. These will require a slightly different process however, so you should research each individual method if they take your fancy.

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Pinterest Facebook Instagram. How to Make Candles — 10 Simple Steps. Benefits of making your own candles Making your own candles is not only really fun and rewarding, but you get to keep your lovely candle at the end of the process. They make great personalised gifts Anyone can go out and buy someone a candle.

You might be able to sell your candles for cash If you really get into the swing of candle making, and refine making them look great, why not sell some of the candles you make.

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Candle making is a great relaxing hobby Arts and crafts projects such as candle making, are a great way of relaxing and de-stressing. These two waxes, soy and beeswax, also have their own pleasant natural fragrances you can enjoy. The glass also is great for being able to see the lovely color of your candle wax too.

Often when the wax is still melted it might be tempting to just tip it down the sink. But STOP! Wax Wax is clearly a central element in our candle that will be really important in our candle making endeavors. Or — Old candle wax Have you got any candles that you have burnt as much as you can, but frustratingly there is still some wax remaining? Then why not try scraping out this wax and reusing it for new candles.

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  8. Wicks Wicks are another really important element of your candle. If so, grab this book and you will not regret it! This book teaches you the following: The candle types throughout history Candle making basics like the different kinds of wicks and the right wax to use A list of equipment you will need to make your candles How you can incorporate scents and colors in your candle like: fragrance oil, essential oil, herbs, spices, objects for design and dyes for colors.

    A detailed 7 step guide to candlemaking from melting your wax to removing the candle from the mold and designing You get some basic candle recipes to get you started on your adventure Several candle designs to feed your hunger for candlemaking If you like this book click on the "buy now with 1-click" and get it delivered to your door, kindle, smartphone or tablet with the kindle app.