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With my bank, it's very easy to report my card lost or stolen. So when I go to the branch and report my card as lost or stolen they will issue me a temporary card.

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This card I can use for a new account. Then in about days they will send me my new official card with my name on it, and I can use this card for another PayPal account. Don't forget, PayPal does not track the name on the card, they only want to make sure the Zip code matches the zip code to the address. You provide. So if you are going to be using the bank card, credit card trick, it will be important to have the same zip code.

Another way around this is by getting a pre-paid gift card, the best one and most trusted is using a Simon Gift card If you use a Simon card, you will be able to use any zip code, as the card is not attached with an particular Zip code. Like most gift cards, you have to purchase a card that has a pre-set amount on it, plus some sort of activation fee. So once you link the card to your PayPal account, you can just go spend it at the grocery store or something. There are other options and pre-paid gift cards. And some of the people who sell you these VCC's are shady. Bank Account: What I do is pretty simple.

My bank allows me to have multiple checking and savings accounts. So if I ever need a new account, I simply visit the location let them know I need a new account and 5 minutes later I have a new account. There are a ton of different banks out there, so push come to shove, if you bank won't let you open a new account, just open up another account at a different Bank. It is illegal for PayPal to request information from the bank such as account owner name and what not, so don't worry about PayPal finding out who you Just open the account up as usual, and go from there :- Phone Number: It's very easy to get a new phone number for verification purposes that are really cheap.

What I've been doing very successfully of the past few years is by purchasing a TracFone. This is a prepaid phone. They come pre loaded with 30 minutes, so that's more than enough minutes to verify the phone number.

Beat An Ebay Suspension With An Ebay Stealth Account

You can use this same number to register a new eBay seller account also if you want to. The phones expire in 60 days. So if you have a good running account, you won't have to every worry about having to link another phone to it. Once you have read that information, and understand it, you can start the account creation process. I'm going to do this in steps for you. If you are on a dial up service, you can simply log off, wait a little while then log back onto the service and Account Creation Steps: Make sure you have everything in place First, refer to the checklist. These steps should be completed after, and only after you have done the previous steps and you have double and triple checked your IP has changed, and you cookies and flash cookies are gone.

Up to now, you should have everything you need to create the new account, This way you can keep track of which Accounts Have been access from which IP address and Mac Address so you don't mess anything up. Importance of Multiple Accounts.

How to prevent paypal account from being limited

What I suggest you do based on years of dealing with PayPal is to setup 5 Active accounts and 5 dormant accounts. The active accounts are accounts that you want to be fully verified and confirmed. This way, if anything ever happens to one of the active accounts, you can plan accordingly and make any necessary changes to your checkout process, to eliminate any problems that may arise.

A Dormant account, is basically a "Basic - unconfirmed and verified" account. The reason why you want these is so if you ever need to use a new account, the account will have an activation date months prior, so it's not like it's a brand new account.

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Setup these accounts like normal, you want to make sure you follow the same procedures when setting up these accounts. All you will need is a Fresh Name, Address and Email address. The other info like Bank, CC, and Phone you can fill in at a later date. You will want to make sure you employ a good bit of strategy when using your PayPal accounts.

There are several methods that will be best, some not safe, and some are really safe.

The Best & Fastest Ways to Make Legitimate money online with Ebay, Amazon, and Affiliate Marketing

In this chapter I'm going to discuss the absolute best ways to take advantage of your PayPal accounts. Unsafe Method If you have a long standing PayPal account that has been active for years, you can probably get away with this method. However, this is not the case for most internet marketers, as PayPal will always find ways to shut down people who sell digital delivery items..

If you have a long standing PayPal account, I don't suggest using this method anyway, because you're risking a good account. The advantage: Your money is going directly to your primary account, and you don't have to worry about 3rd party services. Disadvantage: If PayPal is your primary merchant you will be in big trouble if your account is limited..

And can be a big hiccup especially during a launch where you will receive a ton of money in bulk. Semi-Safe Method always have a backup PayPal account ready to go This method I have used pretty successfully, up until about a month ago. I first thought that I could get away with using 1 PayPal account if I could "hide" where the money was coming from via using a 3rd part checkout.

The other advantage about a 3rd party checkout system is if you are changing your IP around regularly, you can still log in to the 3rd part site like Digital Product delivery, or e-junkie and track your sales.. Without the fear of logging into PayPal from the wrong IP address. The other good thing about this method, is if you have had a specific URL linked with your PayPal account that has been limited..

So if you open up a new PayPal account to accept payments from that website.. Guess what, PayPal will link you and you're PayPal account will be limited to being linked to a bad account. Now, if you use a 3rd party payment system, your domain is linked with them, not linked with PayPal and most 3rd part systems won't share information. The Downfall to this system, is that you are still at risk of getting limited. How, if you are not being linked??

eBay Threatened to Suspend My Account: Here Is Why & How You Can Avoid the Same Situation

Well, unless you provide a S. Most of the information is pretty general and you can supply.. So if you only have 1 account and you are using the "semi safe method" this is only good, until you get limited.. Then if that happens in the middle of a big sale or launch, you are going to be scrambling trying to figure out what next! What to do!

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You have a ton of people trying to buy but no way to get the money.. If you get money held in this account, it's going to be held for no less than days or 6months. This can be really annoying, especially if you were counting on that money coming in. Re ally Safe Method! Okay, this is pretty much just like "semi safe method" only this one involves another level of protection.

Your 2nd PayPal account is back end account. Your 1st PayPal account will collect the profits from the 3rd party cart, however it will not be responsible for withdrawing the funds. This way, you don't have to worry about risking it. You will SEND the money from your primary account to your second account. And withdraw it from your secondary account. This way, if your secondary account it frozen or limited, you can still collect payments, and use another PayPal account you have setup I'm going to show you how as your secondary account.

And the good thing is, you can refund the payment BACK to your primary account, then send it to another account to withdraw.. So when that 2ndary account is frozen.. Who cares. You will have a system in place that twill still allows People can still send you payments, and you can still withdraw money.. Instead of sending the money to account B you will just send it to account C.. No one will ever even notice. This method is just like the Really Safe Method.

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It involved using a single, secondary account that you will send you money to. And every week, you change rotate your accounts, this way you keep your account activity spread out through multiple accounts. This is a Great technically low risk strategy, however you will have to be juggling multiple accounts on a regular basis, and it can just get to be a hassle.

However, if you're up to the challenge, go for it. I personally don't use this method, but I believe someone may find it handy. Chapter 7: What NOT To do from new PayPal Account Once you create a new account, and I'm assuming that you have created the account the "right" way, you want to make sure to protect this account with all your might.

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Any of the "identifying" information you want to make sure you keep up with, that way you don't mess up and get linked to a bad account. The And if you do any of the listed things, you risk being linked. They modify your registry, and unless you are good at finding the strings you will be linked every time. Never try to use the same account information.