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His tale has led to fresh attention for those in his situation in Thailand, who have less access to education and health care. Mong is on a list of people who will be considered for repatriation to Myanmar in February All rights reserved.

‘The Boys” Airplane Rescue Is the Hardest Scene to Watch in Superhero History | Decider

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Want more world news? Join us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter. Stateless boy gets 3rd in paper airplane contest year-old has brought attention to the plight of immigrants in Thailand Below: x Jump to discuss comments below discuss x Next story in Asia-Pacific related.

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She said her ex-husband took their three children to California without her knowledge, and that she hadn't heard from them since Omar Lopez, who teaches at University of Southern California's School of Social Work, said typically in runaway cases, social workers assess the child and the family to rule out violence or abuse at home. He said it can take longer to do those assessments in cases of immigrants with limited English skills, and that in this situation, there are several different state bureaucracies involved that could delay a reunion.

The boy's desperation and frustration borne from a life in a new country and new culture, all of it without his mother, is becoming apparent through interviews with friends, family and law enforcement agents.

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Community members said the parents had gone through a difficult divorce and that there are differing versions of what their children were told. The family is working with the Council on American-Islamic Relations to help communicate with medical providers, law enforcement, social workers and the media. Abdi said before that, his son had very little education in Africa.

Jaque Kelley-Uyeoka, the deputy chief executive of Hale Kipa, a non-profit that works with at-risk youth in Hawaii, said the Hawaii Department of Human Services has several options for youth who run away from home, including foster homes and emergency shelters. Kindness needs no words in this soaring tale that is ideal for gift-giving.

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Rendered in sepia tones and exemplifying a touching message, this wordless story is gracefully open to interpretation, containing a seed of wisdom for every reader. In Pett s wordless, somber story, a curly-headed boy s cherished toy airplane lands on the roof; to retrieve it, he plants a tree next to the shed and waits decades until it grows sturdy enough for him to climb.

Time-lapse drawings show the boy standing by the tree, growing older until he becomes an overalls-wearing elderly man. He grabs the airplane with delight, then, sheepishly, gives it to the next child he sees. Narrow panels denote quickly unfolding action as the boy tries getting his plane down with a ladder, pogo stick, and hose rust red is the brightest color in his gray-brown palette.