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And the earth brought forth grass, herb yielding seed after its kind, and tree bearing fruit, wherein is the seed thereof, after its kind; and God saw that it was good. The Torah prohibits the destruction of trees, especially fruit trees, even in war. According to Deuteronomy ,. When you lay siege to a city for a long time, fighting against it to capture it, do not destroy its trees by putting an ax to them, because you can eat their fruit.

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Do not cut them down. Are the trees people, that you should besiege them? Oak trees have been on flags, stamps, documents, seals, and other symbolic objects. The power to attract lightening has rendered it to be celebrated as a sign of power and strength. They actually used oak trees to denote a special status among the community — the Greeks and Romans also did this.

The oak tree makes repeated appearances in Celtic cultures and folklore. Oak trees are known to live a very, very long time. Some pretty cool trees have stood the test of time:. Many, many years ago your great-great-great-grandparents were signing their ketubah, as you will some time soon. Judaism places a lot of importance on family and maintaining close ties with your relatives. Ask any Jew about their most memorable Jewish traditions, and each occasion will involve family members.

Family trees all begin with the signing of a ketubah. A family tree ketubah sounds like a Pinterest project, with pictures and embellishments. Ketubahs are meant to last forever, which is why you should consider a high-quality ketubah illustrated and painted by professional artists. Ketubahs are no longer a document you roll up and lock in a safety deposit box, but a work of art with unique meaning and significance etched into every word and stroke. Family tree ketubahs will always remind you and your children of the most important thing in life — family! Luckily no lives have been lost, yet the community mourns the loss of their homes, possessions, and an image of a place burned to the ground.

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While buildings can be reconstructed, and things bought again, one thing that caught my attention was the trees. What happens to forests after a wildfire? Well that depends on a couple of things. Trees in areas which were going through a drought were more likely to burn completely. The higher the intensity of the fire, the more damaging its effects. Forest Ecology and Management published a study on tree survival after a wildfire, on areas treated with thinning and prescribed fire.

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Survival was near zero for the untreated areas. Survival in thinned-only areas was greater than untreated areas but substantially less than the areas with both treatments. Understanding how certain trees survive in a wildfire, is crucial to preventing their damage and limiting the spread of the fire. Surprisingly, not many people know that paper comes from trees.

Like when was the last time you thought about how glass is made? Or where plastic comes from? Not only do they let us breathe, they are home to thousands of species of animals and insects. They keep the soil stable, and prevent erosion. Global warming is a major cause for concern everywhere, and it is mostly a consequence of loosing dense forests that once covered large portions of land. While asking man to stop building out of wood is the best option, a more viable alternative is to recycle what we have already taken from Mother Earth.

Paper is used everyday, every minute. Electronic devices are doing a great job in replacing the need for printed material and books, yet consumption of paper remains. Rather than throw paper you no longer need in the thrash, a great and more profound option is to recycle it. So recycling paper not only saves tree, it saves you, me and everybody else on this green planet.

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They have silently stood by while humankind has progressed, and given us the spark to move forward. One very famous depiction of a tree in the history of art is by none other than famed artist Van Gogh. The project took around 10 days to complete and left on the trees for another 3 weeks. Sculptures with branches, with or without leaves or flowers, makes regular appearances in the art community. The things they learn while in my care will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Yes, ultimately they will stand on their own two feet. They will have to answer for their own choices and we cannot force them down a certain path. But our influence cannot be underestimated. We must realize our position in the molding of a life. This ketubah is designed to be a constant reminder of our job and our delight as their parent.

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  7. We need to be reminded, at least I do. This book is great for use in a group study, and allows plenty of room for jotting down notes right in the book. Paperback, 96 pages.

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    She is honest about some of her failures as a parent, but seeks answers to rise above them. This book shares activities that foster Torah principles and other ideas that nurture your children, which teaches us how to lead biblically. I am honored to share these beautiful hand-painted ketubahs inspired by my book. The artist, Kimberly, has created these works of art to give your family a keepsake. What a great way to remember and display your written commitment to parenting! You can find this design and two more at Shevatim Arts.

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