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The theme of business enterprise is a conduit which runs throughout, yet the work is not intended as an economic history, rather business history, as social history. The growth and development of 'Art Embroidery' in Britain circa will be explored giving special consideration to the support received from the art establishment in designing for and educating embroiderers. Initially designing for the massive church building programme being conducted in Britain, the immense popularity of medieval and oriental designs employed in this work, lead also to a demand for secular work.

As with all art, design changes are a derivative of social and political changes.

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These deterministic style changes were reliant upon imperialism, Said's notion of 'the other', but perhaps more interestingly upon white man's burden of manifest destiny, illustrated by Liberty department store. Finally, the decline of the embroidery business in theBritish Isles will be examined as work was sent overseas chasing cheaper labour in the colonies. Aiming to make a contribution to our understanding of the embroidery business, the book shows the dynamics shaping development and the role of women employed in the industry.

In particular the economic significance of the embroidery business to female employment in the nineteenth century will be revealed, as it has been hidden from view, mainly due to employing outworkers, a hidden workforce. Though a social history, the thesis will demonstrate this hidden workforce made a contribution to the British economy.

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Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Chapter 6 Selling the Orient:; Department Stores and the Rise of Liberty ; Commodity fetishisms and bi-lateral trading routes - ; Building a commercial image: the rise of Liberty - ; Marketing embroideries: the occident and the orient - ; The costumes department - ; Zola, the Bon Marche and other department stores - ; Chapter 7 The Rise and Fall of Art Needlework ; Ruskin and Morris' theoretical beliefs - ; The craftsman ideal in Britain - ; The craftsman ideal in America - ; The demise of Art Needlework - ; Plates ; Appendices ; Bibliography ; Index More Books in Art from to See All.

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Impressionism Art Essentials. May Morris was an influential embroideress and designer, although her contributions are often overshadowed by those of her father, a towering figure in the Arts and Crafts movement. Morris himself is credited with the resurrection of freeform embroidery in the style which would be termed art needlework. May Morris was active in the Royal School of Art Needlework now Royal School of Needlework , founded as a charity in under the patronage of Princess Helena to maintain and develop the art of needlework through structured apprenticeships.

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