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Discount will apply automatically once tickets are added to your basket. The King gives diamonds to the Queen of England but the Queen of England gives them to her lover to keep.

Cardinal Richelieu is the King's Cardinal and is corrupt. The story follows d'Artagnan and his three musketeer friends, Athos; Aramis and Pothos, who try to foil Cardinal Richelieu's plans and to save the King. The story was written by Alexandre Dumas during a time where there was a lot of debate between Republicans and Monarchists and this is what inspired by the political aspect of the story.

The author was actually a practicing fencer at the time of writing The Three Musketeers and is seemingly inspired by this in writing the story and making it an integral part of the novel. The book was well-received as it was a historical novel that explored France's culture and traditions and critics have praised the book.

The Three Musketeers: A Comedy Adventure

The book has also been turned into a full-feature film. The Three Musketeers. I'm sorry, you will need to be more specific. What argument are you referring to?

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