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This one was the last and least of the bunch.

The Real Story Behind 'The Haunting in Connecticut'

Anyone who remembers the deadly levitating Coke machine would agree. Meant to be carnival mirror reflections of each other, the two books feature many of the same characters, though with different motivations and circumstances in each. This one, the Bachman book, tells the story of a small-town street that is beset by two vans full of gun-wielding murderers. That description makes the book sound more coherent than it actually is — as the bad guys have been summoned by the mind of a TV-obsessed autistic boy possessed by an alien being.

Concerned with a high-school student who kills two teachers and takes over a classroom, the story is very much the work of an angry young man — overheated and full of big talk. Wisely or not, King allowed the book to go out of print, partly because of a fear of having future school shootings linked to it. Blame its place in the series the relatively slim book serves mainly as a transition volume between two thick volumes or its mind-boggling metafictional flourish.

Either way, it it an odd fit with everything that preceded it. Handcuffed to her cabin bed after her husband dies in the middle of a naughty sex game, Jessie must somehow find a way to escape. The one-room, one-woman setting allows King to overindulge in one of his most recognizable and sometimes frustrating tics: the character who speaks out loud to themselves for no good reason. This novella is a trifle, but King writes lovingly about his favorite game.

All 64 Stephen King Books, Ranked

Yet there is both an authorly tension and bond between King and Straub that results in more lovely passages than the typical lesser King book has any right to offer. Partially a satirical look at Reagan-era American materalism, the book plays broader than it should, but less funny than King who considers the book a black comedy would have liked. Future kid-centered books would be both scarier and deeper.

Edgar loses his arm in a construction accident but gains the ability to make things happen when he paints them. As she wanders, afraid and alone, the only thing to keep her company is her radio, broadcasting a Red Sox game featuring her favorite player.

The Shop is a secret government agency that, on account of an experiment it performs on one college campus, inadvertantly creates two students with special powers. They marry and have a kid who is capable of wreaking fantastic havoc through her psychic control of fire.

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With several wonderfully tense set pieces, the book nonetheless has a few too many stationary scenes set in an underground government bunker. I find I can read two pages of a book during each commercial break. Lovecraft indirectly. A solid late career addition. The climactic confrontation is a prime example of what King does not do well — battle scenes. That's Annie Wilkes. Misery is a fascinating psychological horror tale about the dangers of fandom and a writer's connection to his work. And if you need a great Stephen King movie, the film adaptation is pretty fantastic, as well.

Alaska: The Alaska Triangle

Thankfully, King's little protagonist proves to be quite the survivalist as the book progresses. Walking a thin line between an intense examination of loneliness and isolation and a supernatural thriller, as things grow weirder in the woods as time passes, this is a compact horror novel that you can read in one sit-down and you'll get King at his best, as his character exemplifies the meaning of human resilience, even as she begins to hallucinate due to hunger, fear, and thirst. Her love for her baseball idol pitcher Tom Gordon allows her to face her fears and even confront the "God of the Lost.

A few years later, a pop-up book adaptation of this novel was fittingly released. Cujo is one of King's more "realistic" novels, featuring a setup that's real enough to send shivers down your spine, especially if you live in the suburbs or ever owned a Ford Pinto Vic and Donna Trenton, who are having some marital problems, have a four-year-old son named Tad, because children should always be in danger in these books. Meanwhile, longtime residents Charity and Brett Chambers have a nice St.

Bernard named Cujo that loves chasing wild rabbits in his spare time. During his latest safari, Cujo is bitten on the nose by a rabid bat. And, as you can probably imagine, all hell absolutely breaks loose. The dog kills several people before feasting its eyes on the ultimate prey: a boy and his mother, who have stopped by the Chambers' place in their little Ford Pinto. What follows are very tense moments of terror inside a little car, as a mom tries to protect her son from the rabid terror that awaits them outside.

King has said in interviews that he doesn't really remember writing Cujo , as he worked on it at the peak of his struggle with drug addiction, but we wish he had. He wrote a fine horror book. Cruel ending and all. King's ode to Bram Stoker's Dracula is a classic vampire tale that might even formidably rival the novel it pays homage to. When Kurt Barlow comes to Jerusalem's Lot, Maine where nothing good happens, either , shit hits the fan, as he preys on the living and ignites an outbreak of vampirism in the town. The only guy who can stop him is, you guessed it, a writer named Ben Mears, who already has a strained relationship with his hometown, which he abandoned years ago.

Like a modern team of Draculian vampire hunters, Ben teams up with his new sweetheart Susan, a little boy named Mark, and some other townspeople to take down the vampire and his unholy creations.

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There's also Father Callahan, this story's version of an incompetent Van Helsing, who loses a lot in the novel but redeems himself in King's The Dark Tower series. All in all, this fat novel holds plenty of scares, including a school bus full of vampire children who hunt down the school bus driver who tormented them. We have goosebumps. By now, The Shining , along with the other two entries in the top 3 of this list, has become embedded in American pop culture, whether because of King's book or Stanley Kubrick's excellent movie King would disagree. Either way, this is the novel that never made you want to become a hotel caretaker.

Stephen King: 10 Best Horror Novels | Den of Geek

An alcoholic writer surprise! The job seems easy enough until all the guests leave and the doors shut behind them until the spring.

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  • Have Heart: Bridging the Gulf Between Heaven & Earth.
  • That's when the hotel's ghosts come out to fuck with the living. You'll recall plenty of the spooky ghosts Danny encounters on his treks through the claustrophobic hallways of the hotel. It's because he was born with telepathic powers that allow him to communicate with the lost souls of the Overlook. It unfortunately also triggers the place's supernatural energy, which quickly takes control of Jack, who is convinced into killing his wife and son due to cabin fever and a pretty bad case of writer's block.

    This is one of those special novels that you only get once in a lifetime and an especially good example of King's unique brand of horror. Get to it, Constant Readers!

    "Legend of the Blue Mist" Original Creepy Deep Woods Story

    The story of how debut novel Carrie came to be a huge hit for the future King of Horror is now as famous as the actual book. Like any debonair bloodsucker male vampire worth his garlic, Jacques Saint Germain's hobby is seducing attractive young females in New Orleans, only to promptly drink their blood. By some accounts , he was born in the early s.

    In others, he has been alive since Christ. After "dying" in , he was spotted all over Europe before reappearing to terrorize New Orleans He's still on his blood-drinking binge in the French Quarter today, though now he just goes by "Jack. Where it came from: Comte de Saint Germain was certainly a real person, alchemist, and all-round high-society snob who befriended a laundry list of famous 18th-century luminaries.

    But then, he died of a drug overdose in Well, he probably did. Why it's creepy: Instead of providing useful light to help ships navigate, the lighthouse on Wood Island reportedly provides a space for strange moans, unexplained shadows, and other indicators of paranormal activity commonly attributed to a murder-suicide that took place there decades ago.

    Where it came from: Howard Hobbs, a local fisherman and drifter, really did murder his landlord, Fred Milliken, on the Wood Island in Hobbs had been drinking and, after shooting Milliken, left the scene and turned his rifle on himself. You can read about the events of that day in all their 19th-century newspaper glory here. From ghost experts who weigh in on such things, Hobbs is generally considered the likeliest candidate to still be haunting the lighthouse.

    Protecting Children, or Censorship?

    But the most terrifying aspect is just how deep the lore goes. The USDA was even forced, at one point , to publicly deny accidentally creating the beast in their Beltsville agricultural research center. Another tale revolves around a goat farmer who, after realizing a group of rowdy teens had killed his tribe, went totally crazy and turned into a teen-slaying goat monster.